Pentland is political. We understand the world of politics, business and media and how it affects you.


about us

In today's complex and often challenging environment being able to communicate effectively is about crafting a compelling story and communicating it to a specific audience that generates positive results. This requires a level of understanding and expertise that is imbedded in intelligence and effective know how.

Pentland is a leading planning communications consultancy specialising in community and stakeholder engagement. Pentland is client focused, objective led, and results driven. We adhere to the highest ethical industry standards and all our work is underpinned by the core principles of integrity and transparency. 

From the offset, Pentland is an integral part of the wider project team and we have the clients interests at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in an intelligence led approach with regular client contact and weekly project updates.

Understanding politics and the key decision makers is Pentland’s core strength. Every consultant at Pentland is political spanning all political parties; this helps form the basis of our political know how and in turn helps us deliver results  for our clients.