Surviving party conference

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Top tips for surviving party conference

Its getting close to that time of year again when politicos will descend from across the country to attend their respective political parties annual conference. For many, it’s an opportunity to catch up with friends, network and make new connections, but there is no denying that party conference can feel like the equivalent of an SAS selection test where endurance and stamina are key to surviving it.

Pentland shares some of its top tips for surviving party conference.

Sleep – The night before leaving for conference make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep, ideally eight hours.

First night – Ask any veteran conference attendee and they will tell you not to over do it on the first night, pace yourself, you have days left, and most likely will have an end of conference knees up to attend.

Business cards – It sounds obvious, but how many times have people not taken enough business cards and missed an opportunity to swap details with someone. To a potential client it looks sloppy and unprofessional, make sure you have enough business cards for the entire conference period.

Mobile phone chargers- Technology is amazing but only if it works, make sure you take both a phone charger and a portable charger to ensure you are contactable by phone during conference and not miss any import emails or calls.

Eat- Make sure you take time out to eat something of substance that will keep you going. Days at conference can feel long and never ending, and just like a car its important to refuel to keep yourself going.

Remain hydrated – Remaining hydrated is key to staying alert and making sure you are on top of your A game.

Networking – Conference is a hub of busy activity and a great opportunity to network both formally and informally. Ask any seasoned conference goer and they will tell you that the best place to network is at the conference bar, usually late into the evening, but bear in mind that conference is a hot bed of eager journalists looking for their next story.

Be flexible – Rarely does anything go to plan at conference, events over run, meetings get cancelled or rescheduled

Be professional – Reputation is everything. Whilst conference is a great opportunity to socialise and network with people, it’s best to remain professional always. At the end of the day you represent your company, and your behaviour will define the perception people will have of your company.