Resignations, court summons and party expulsion: The week that was.

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Neil Findlay MSP resigns from the Scottish Labour front bench

On Tuesday, Neil Findlay resigned from the Scottish Labour Party front bench citing internal battles as his main reason for doing so. In what can only be described as a major blow to Jeremy Corbyn and his Scottish allies, Mr Findlay was instrumental in helping Jeremy Corbyn be elected as leader of the Labour Party.

Mr Findlay who was one of Scottish Labour’s strongest political campaigners spoke about the internal battles in the Scottish Labour Party and further announced that he will not be seeking re-selection for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.

In an interview with BBC Reporting Scotland, Mr Findlay spoke about the party’s poor performance at the European Parliament election and said “I played a part a part in that election and clearly I have some responsibility and I’ve never in my life shirked my responsibility. I have a difficulty with arguing for another referendum because you then open up the whole issue of another referendum in Scotland.

If the next one goes a different way, do you think the people who lose out in that referendum will stop calling for it, we are going to be in absolute neverendum territory.

In a parting shot Mr Findlay said “they’ve never accepted that their candidate lost and its as simple as that. They think their version of politics , if we go back to the era of Tony Blair, if we don a union jack suit and take an ultra-unionist position, that will somehow be the way in which Scottish Labour comes back, we need to win back people who went from labour and voted SNP, and if they think their politics is the way in which that will come back they are seriously deluded .”

Daniel Johnson MSP quits Labour Party front bench

Once tipped as a future leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Daniel Johnson MSP resigned from the Scottish Labour Party front bench and as the party’s spokesperson on justice, following the party’s disastrous result from the European Parliament election Mr Johnson said “I represent a constituency that voted 80 per cent in favour of remain, where over 20,000 people signed the Revoke Article 50 petition and where the electorate voted overwhelmingly for parties that were clearly for remain and pro-Europe. “

This election took Labour from first at the last European election to sixth in Edinburgh. My constituents are clear not only that we must have another referendum but that we must make every effort to ensure the UK remains a member of the EU. That is a view I share.”

Richard Leonard under pressure to resign

Richard Leonard, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party faces mounting pressure to resign as leader following the party’s poor performance in the European Parliament election and the resignations of Daniel Johnson MSP and close ally Neil Findlay MSP.

Boris Johnson summoned to appear in court

On Wednesday it was announced that Boris Johnson MP has been ordered to appear before District Judge Margot Colman for alleged Misconduct in office over the claims that the UK sends the EU £350 million a week.  

Those close to Mr Johnson have said the decision to summon him was “extraordinary and risks undermining our democracy.” District Judge Colman said, "The applicant's case is there is ample evidence that the proposed defendant knew that the statements were false."

She continued: "I accept that the public offices held by Mr Johnson provide status, but with that status comes influence and authority."

 Alastair Campbell expelled from Labour Party

Alastair Campbell, the former spin doctor to prime minister Tony Blair announced that he had voted for the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament election as a result of the party’s unclear stance over Brexit.

Campbell, who is a strong campaigner for a second referendum and having remain on the ballot was informed by the Labour Party that he had been expelled from the Labour Party for voting for another party.

The decision to expel Mr Campbell resulted in a backlash of former MP’s and party members announcing that they had voted tactically and using the twitter hashtag of #expelmetoo with Mr Campbell announcing that he is likely to appeal the decision.

 James Cleverly MP throws his hat In the ring to become next Conservative Party leader

On Wednesday, James Cleverly MP announced that he would be standing for leader of the Conservative Party. Cleverly, former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party said, “the Conservatives needed to look new and sound different to survive.” A strong advocate of Brexit, cleverly said “once Brexit has been delivered, we need to think about how we can make the Conservatives look new and sound different.”