Theresa May: Stuck between a rock and a hard place


In what promises to be another rollercoaster and unpredictable week for politics, one thing remains certain is that Theresa May’s time in office is diminishing by the second and the Labour Party has emerged as the facilitators of Brexit.

In these unprecedented, never seen before times, were government ministers argue for one thing and vote for another or were the leader of the opposition wilfully ignores a policy decided by Labour Party members, its not just the constitutional question that has parliament in deadlock, but the responses from the two main parties.

This week will see Theresa May attempt to muster support from Conservative Party colleagues to back her deal, which also entails the possibility of more money going to the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to secure their support, but as the Beatles once said “ money can’t buy you love” and if there is one thing the DUP loves more than money is Northern Ireland’s close affinity to the UK.

This is likely to be a tough week for Theresa May as she attempts to secure enough buy in to get her Brexit deal passed by parliament this time, but at what cost.  There is mounting speculation that in return for her Brexit plan receiving support she would have to agree to step down as Prime Minister and make way for someone else to take over but is this one of the many rumours floating around the Westminster bubble or is there something in it.

Theresa May is stuck between a rock and a hard place and it could be that she will succumb to pressure from the Brexiteers in her party in order to get her Brexit deal through parliament which would see a new leader elected by the summer.

This would result in a push from opposition parties to hold a General Election, whatever way you look at it, the likelihood of a General Election seems more credible as parliament remains in deadlock over Brexit or if May steps down.